Are you open on Public Holidays?

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Generally, yes, our attended Baggage Storage stores are conveniently open on public holidays, ready to store your items while you enjoy yourself! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some Baggage Storage may have updated trading hours. We suggest you review the trading hours for each location by visiting Services > Storage and selecting the location you

Where are you located at Melbourne Airport?

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At Melbourne International Airport we offer customers both Electronic Lockers and an Attended Baggage Storage store. You can find our Attended Baggage Storage store located on the ground floor next to Customs, at International Arrivals in Terminal 2, while our Electronic Lockers are located within the Terminal 4 Multi-level Car Park on the ground floor.

Are Airport lockers secure?

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Yes. Located in well lit areas, our electronic lockers offer peace of mind to travellers who choose to securely store their items. Keyless automated pin code technology enable customers to select a six digit pin code, of their choice. Re-entry to the locker only occurs once the correct locker number and matching pin code are

What services are available at Perth Airport?

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Including both Attended Baggage Storage (left luggage) and Electronic Lockers, we also offer luggage/baggage wrapping and strapping within our Baggage Services store located in Terminal 1, Perth International Airport. Our strong wrapping material keeps your valuable items protected from departures to arrival. Please note that some airlines may require eskys or boxes containing food or

What storage options are available at Perth Airport?

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At Perth Airport there are multiple safe and secure luggage storage options available. Also known as a left luggage service, customers can choose to leave their items at our attended Baggage Storage store, located at International departures in Terminal 1. Alternatively, electronic storage Lockers are available outside on the concourse between Terminal 1 and Terminal

What storage options are available in Singapore?

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At Changi Airport, in Singapore, attended Baggage Storage stores (also known as left luggage facilities) are located in all four terminals. Located in both the Public and Transit areas, travellers can enjoy their remaining hours in Singapore luggage free, knowing it is safe and secure. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, some stores may be

What storage options are available at Sydney Airport?

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At Sydney Airport there are multiple secure storage options (also known as left luggage facilities) available for all kinds of passenger luggage and baggage such as suitcases, backpacks, shopping bags and oversize items. At Sydney International Airport we offer both an attended Baggage Storage store and electronic storage Lockers. Customers can  leave their items at

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