What storage options are available at Melbourne Airport?

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At Melbourne Airport there are multiple storage options available for all kinds of luggage and baggage. Also known as a left luggage service, customers can choose to leave their items at our attended baggage storage store, located at International arrivals in Terminal 2. Alternatively, electronic lockers are available on the ground floor of the Terminal

What happens if I lose my ticket/receipt?

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Your identity will need to be confirmed via photo I.D. and/or travel documents and additional authentication processes will take place. If you use our electronic locker facilities and forget your pin code, please contact the number displayed on the locker. If a technician is required to assist you, additional charges may be incurred.

Where are you located?

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We are located across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. Generally found in airports or transport hubs, luggage storage Lockers and attended Baggage Storage stores are also located in convenient tourist locations, offering a safe and secure left luggage service.

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