Are you looking for a left luggage or baggage storage service at Changi Airport?

Would you like to drop your bags off and head into town for a few hours before your next flight?

Do you want to protect your luggage from tampering and accidental opening?

At Baggage Storage by Smarte Carte you will find a safe and affordable solution located within the Airport terminals.


Baggage Storage has a safe and affordable solution located within the Airport terminals. Whether you need to store your bags for a few hours, or days, our luggage storage options are designed to give you maximum flexibility and peace of mind.

Will you be going to a destination known to untrustworthy and unsafe? Do you think your bag locks will stand up to the task?

Protect your luggage from tampering and accidental opening and keep it clean and hygienic with our baggage wrapping service. Available at all of our Baggage Storage Public Area stores in Changi Airport, our professional staff will seal your bags, backpacks, boxes, suitcases and carry-on luggage with a strong plastic film. After wrapping your items will be virtually tamper-proof.

* Have peace of mind
* Protect your belongings
* Deter pilfering and tampering

Customers who store their bags with us at our Changi Airport stores are eligible for a discount on baggage wrapping.

Struggling with too much luggage? Need help moving your baggage? Don’t worry we are here to help!

The Porter Service by Smarte Carte is available at all terminals to help you move your baggage when you depart or arrive in Changi Airport.

Our Porter will greet you at either your departure drop off point or the Arrival baggage claim area.

Please book in advance with a minimum of 8 hours before flight departure or arrival.

Click Here
 to book the Porter Service by Smarte Carte.

Once booked, look out for the Porter holding this sign with your name below when you arrive!

We have partnered with DHL Express, one of the biggest international express shipping companies, to bring convenience to you.

  • We have seamless and easy Express Boxes to create a convenient experience for you
  • Conveniently located at all Changi Airport Terminals
  • Our friendly and professional staff at Baggage Storage will help you with your shipment
  • Extensive network with shipping to more than 200 countries
  • Check with us on the price list

Express Satchels and Boxes Available

Baggage Storage DHL Express Boxes

* Shipments are subject to customs clearance, duties and taxes. If any duties and taxes are incurred, the receiver is to pay.

When you bring your kiddos out, there is so much to plan, pack, and carry. Now there is no need to worry, we have you covered! Available at our Jewel Baggage Storage store, from 10am to 10pm, we have stroller options available for hire.

  • Fun wheels for your children to enjoy
  • Pick up and return of items within the airport for your convenience
  • Items are cleansed and sanitised after each rental for your children safety
  • Check with us in-store for the price

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Security Notice
Changi Airport requires a 100% mandatory bag/box/item search.

Please remove electronic items such as computers and laptops.

Smarte Carte reserves the right to restrict the storage of some items such as electronic items.

Terms & Conditions of Baggage Storage Service
In the Agreement

(a) “you” – “you” refers to the signatory, signatory’s authorized proxy, assignee and/or successor

(b) “we”, “us”, “our” – refers to Smarte Carte Singapore Pte Ltd, including its successor

(c) “deposit” – refers to the deposited items, including, but not limited to, bags, loose items, odd size items etc.

You declare and confirm that there are NO CASH, VALUABLE, ITEMS OF HIGH VALUE and/or FRAGILE NATURE etc in your deposit stored with us and hereby acknowledge that we do not know the contents of the deposit. You also LOCK or SECURE your deposit prior to acceptance by us and we have the discretion to refuse acceptance without providing any reason thereafter.

A passport and valid travel itinerary/ boarding pass are required to utilise Baggage Storage service.

You declare and confirm that there are NO CONTRABAND, or anything corrosive, explosive, hazardous, infectious, dangerous, offensive, foul-smelling or illegal nature in the deposit stored with us. You agree and confirm that at any time whilst the deposit is in our storage, we and/or any lawful authority may at our sole discretion to view, examine and inspect the content of the deposit therein.


You agree to allow us to make a copy of your passport for verification purpose. The deposit shall only be released to you when you present your passport and official receipt issued by us. For late collection, overdue charges will be imposed before the release of your deposit. NO GRACE PERIOD.

You also agree that the use of your personal data may be shared with the airport police, our partners and other relevant third parties for identification purposes.

The deposit not claimed on the stated due date shall be given a GRACE EXTENSION OF 72 HOURS, after which, you agree and confirm that we shall be entitled to dispose the deposit in any manner that we deem fit without incurring any liability to you and WE SHALL NOT GIVE ANY NOTICE TO YOU prior to such disposal.

You agree that we are not liable and/or responsible for any loss/damage whatsoever in relation to the deposit including its contents therein, with the exception that the loss/damage is caused and proven by our negligence. In such a case, the liability of us, if proven, shall be limited to and no exceeding Singapore Dollars 50.00 per official receipt issued by us.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Singapore. You irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts for all purposes in relation to this Agreement. You confirm that you have READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED to all the terms and conditions of the Baggage Storage Service Agreement.


Smarte Carte

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