Sleeping Pods In Perth

While some users of our sleeping pods at Perth Airport might just want to check out the novelty they offer, most users are finding that sleeping pods are filling a gap for many travellers in transit. It seems sleeping at airports is a challenge worldwide. It was a challenge at Perth Airport until Smarte Carte partnered with Go Sleep to provide their engineered comfort solution.

Great for FIFO’s and those stuck in the middle of long haul flights, sleeping pods provide users with more than a comfortable place to wait. Relax or nap in a private environment, with adjustable seating, the ability to charge devices, secure hand/carry on size luggage storage and all at an affordable price. You only need to pay for the hours of rest you need.

Sleeping pods are available 24 hours a day with a staff member manning the site overnight. While users can simply walk-in we recommend booking online to ensure you secure a spot.

When you visit Perth Airport also be sure to check out our Baggage Services store for all your luggage wrapping and storage needs.

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To book a sleeping pod at Perth Airport, you can book online or simply purchase time in store.
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