Sleeping Pods Available for Both International and Domestic Travelers

Smarte Carte is happy to announce that it is partnering with GoSleep from Finland and bringing sleeping pods to Australia. As a result of this partnership, Smarte Carte has introduced sleeping pods to Perth International Airport. In addition to luggage storage and wrapping by Smarte Carte, passengers at Perth Airport can now rest and relax in a flatbed or recliner sleep pod.

Located in Terminal 1, the sleeping pods are available to both international and domestic travellers. Easy to find, on the ground floor, the sleeping pods provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. They are also cost effective. 

Pricing starts from $12 an hour, however, you can purchase multiple hour packages. These packages include a complimentary pillow, blankets and earplugs from $45.

Sleeping Pods by Smarte Carte launch on 12th December 2018.


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To book a sleeping pod at Perth Airport, you can book online or simply purchase time in store.
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